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Finally, I decided to open my own Icon-Journal. From now on, you will find all my new Icons and other graphic related stuff here and not in my personal Journal. Old Icon-Post will stay at my personal Journal, but I'm going to repost all my Posts from 2006 here. So you should be able to find the Icons you like a lot easier.

1. comments are always great, so comment a lot and tell me when you take anything
2. please credit cellardooricons
3. don't steal, manipulate, alter any of my icons or artworks
4. most of the time, you can ask for any special icons/artworks - just leave me a coment somewhere, it just will take some time
5. most important: don't hotlink! it's not that hard to upload the pictures to your own webspace or using photobucket - thanks
6. feel free to friend this community, to be always up to date

all my resources can be found here
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